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April 28, 2008



Men always have things easier dont they grrr...lol maybe not always. Im on a health and excercise kick too. So far im down 3 pounds (whoopty doo) Food is my weekness. Hubby keeps telling me eat 6 tiny meals a day and work out atleast 20 minutes three times a day. (he is the expert *eye roll) Im going to kill over


Jamie girl...I know you are doing fantastic.....Never forget that muscle weighs MORE than fat!

Cecile Maner

Jamie I am sure you are losing weight but gaining muscle which is a wonderful thing!!!


Don't live by the scale, J, live by how your clothes fit. Your lovely extra roll is disappeared, don't that count? Is D putting a "finger" on the scale?

lynn whelan

hopefully you'll have forgotten all about that today, and you're moving forward (and posting those huge kist you were talking about how many days ago). you must've hung out with me too long.

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