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May 24, 2008



I got some of the Holey Cardstock from ASB I just haven't done anything with it yet.
Yes, Linda is a really super nice person and the store is so darn cute..We will always miss you Jamie and Savh Scrapbooking because you are one crazy nut:))


Thank you so much Jamie! We had someone come in this morning to see our bathroom! Your comments were very sweet! Thanks.

Chrissy Hanson

Hey Jamie !!

I know it's been a while since ya heard from me but I have been busy trying to recover from surgery & getting rid of cancer cooties !

I went into ASB today ( didnt see the bathroom though ) and got me some new goodies. It is alot smaller than I'd hoped and there was not as much of a variaty like SavannahScrapbooking had but it was still niiiice !

I got some really nice new things to play with and got a premade page kit for my cousin Jackie who is here visiting ( another of my family that I have gotten addicted to scrapbooking !! ha ha ) & I got to meet Linda too. SHe does seem like a nice lady and she invited me to come in on Tuesday's to scrap time! I might just do that... who knows !

ANywho... I just wanted to say HEY and let ya know I am still around... alive... and scrappin !

Oh... n CONGRATS on the weight loss girly !! You are my new hero !


Chrissy Hanson

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