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May 08, 2008



Hey, whatever happened to the duck???


Hey, whatever happened to the duck???


Oh...I'm so feelin' the LOVE!!! Love ya, too! XOXO!


Check my myspace pictures Jamie..I am sure there are things to be observed....ya know the pure genious behind that wasn't just my own....The Big guy was in on it as well.


What beautiful memories!!

Cecile Maner

We miss you and the store Jamie!


Wow, I love all of them, what a great idea!!!!

lynn whelan

Amanda! I think I remember Jamie suspecting you!!!

Jamie, I am so proud of you getting that album done. I wish I could have had at least one ounce of a gene like that. sigh

I am also proud to have been a part of your whole experience. Those layouts bring a huge smile to my face and a sense of sadness, all at the same time. Something tells me there may be more that you never let the public see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But seriously, where is the duck now? I don't remember packing it up in the office. Is he ok?


What a wonderful ride, J. You were a good storekeeper, too. Why a duck? Why not!

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