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May 07, 2008



Great job, K, lots of layouts and they all look cool. My fav is the frog prince (is that a pink floral background?)

Cecile Maner

I love,love,love the Prince layout!!Glad you found your Prince!!


Happy Birthday K!!!
Jamie, I think you had the frog prince backwards? The big frog should be on the left. Yeah, I know I'm Anal.


Yep Deiha, the frog is supposed to be on the left. I guess, had Jamie stayed up w/ us 'til 4:30 that morning, she would've seen which page was which!! :)


Nope, not floral print background Sid - although that would've been appropriate for my husband too!!
It's frogs wearing crowns(kinda like the paper-pieced frog). Paper piecing...wow I haven't done that in ages. It was fun!!

lynn whelan

Happy Birthday Teeny!!! Am I (empahsized) allowed to say that but for just this one day? I love the layouts. Besides the hilarious fro prince one, can you guess which is my favorite? Can you say pink and lime green grounded with black!!! Grrrrrr, that's a tongue roll, not a mad sound! happy birthday again!


Love the prince one, great job & Happy Belated Birthday!!


Happy, happy birthday!!!!!!!


Happy, happy birthday!!!!!!!

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