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June 14, 2008



I so want to see this..You want to come babysit for me hahaha...just kidding.


We laughed, cried, I choked, had soda coming out my nose, then laughed & cried some more!!! :) It was a fabulous girl date movie!! I love my girls!! P.S. I only gained 1 lb. (darn popcorn & reese's pieces)!!!


I am a HUGE SATC fan! I went to see the movie on opening night. It was awesome!!!!

But, I went alone. :( My only friend here has never even seen SATC. Yes, I plan on bringing her to my side

I thought the movie was FAB.U.LOUS!!!! I had tears from the time the credits were rolling at the beginning! I laughed, I cried. I bought the soundtrack on i-tunes!!!!

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