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June 21, 2008


Robin Sloan

I am so happy for you Jamie!!! That is great news!!! I love the area!!! You are going to be so happy next to your mom!!!
: ) Robin


WOOHOO!!!! I know how ecxited you are! I also know how excited Kristine is! And we're all excited because we only have 5/6 days! Love ya!

Patty Spell

Congrats girlie...can't wait to see pics and stories (you know you'll have stories for us LOL) when you start remodeling.


Oh, Jamie! I am so happy for you! I know this is your dream come true! How exciting! (oh, and pretty much don't most places in Savannah have termite damage of some sort?!)




What wonderful NEWS!!!!! Well, here is another major life change to talk about at Big Water. Three of you will all be movin'. Hopefully everyone will be settled by October. Do you get your very own crop room? Will it have an inspiring view?


I must admit I love the blue tile - it beats the yellow tile/tub I'm getting!! :) Can you honestly say you prefer the yellow?


Good for you:))
Are you gonna have a new scrapbook room?

lynn whelan

I am SO keepin' my fingers crossed for ya girl! Even though my motives may be selfish. Can you all say fun new neighbor?!!! We can walk together, oh wouldn't that be fun? What's that you ask? You didn't know I walked? Well, I don't. But that's because I've had no one I'd want to walk with around here. Look out Rose Dhu!!!


How groovy cool is this????? Now Miss Priss can just trot to Grandmas!!!!!

stacy armstrong

WOW!! I'm so excited for you!! That's an amazing house and the view is awesome!! Congrats and Best Wishes to you!!! So when can I come over and scrap????

Colette Bate

Wow, Jamie .. that house looks like it's going to be PERFECT for you and your family! The views from every window are just breathtaking ... and the fact that it comes with a history that you cherish AND it's close to your mom ... well, that's EVEN BETTER!!

Huge congrats, girl ... we want to see your 'after' pictures, too, okay?


Wow, Congratulations, Jamie! How lucky you are to be moving into a home with such great memories for you -- and, a beautiful setting! Best Wishes!

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