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June 20, 2008


lynn whelan

wow, it starts the whole video over when you go to post. Anyway, Sid!! I am so sorry! And here I was complaining about my WalMart incident.
Let me know if there anything I can do to help. Do you know Kay Schell? I love her!


Hey...does this mean we get to throw a big ole housewarming party when the house is done? I am so glad everyone was safe and Sid looked a WHOLE LOT calmer and WAY more in control than I would have. Way to go Sid! Hang in there girl, we are saying a prayer for you and your family!


Holy CRAP!! I can't believe there was a tornado in Savannah. I mean, I know it's possible. But how scary. I'm so glad Sid is ok. Please give her my condolences and let her know that I'm thinking about her. It's amazing no one was hurt!


My thoughts are with you Sid and your family.I saw you on TV but I didn't know that you are the Sid that Jamie talks about all the time:))Good Luck with everything!


Thanks everyone. Believe me I go from calm to hysteria multiple times a day. My neighbor behind me (Kenny) had it much worse. We're coping the best we can with a little help from my friends (THANKS J & K for all of it).


Oh, my! I'm so sorry to hear this. But, I am happy to hear your family is safe.

Roxann :)

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