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February 10, 2009


anne murdock

I love the colors in your scrapbook room but then I loved it when Elizabeth chose the colors when it was to be her room. A lady is entitled to change her mind and you are the winner in this one. This should really give you inspiration as it is a "happy room".


Tienes mucha suerte

Cathy Murry

Jamie - thanks for posting this! I have a room upstairs as well and am in the process of trying to reorganize it!

Susan Bowers

Ooh, love the colors! lucky for you your daughter needed the change. Are you going to use scrapbook paper on one of the walls again?


This is so cool! I love it!


Lovely tour - love the guest table. However, the guest chair (stool) needs a little work. :) Ruby's a camera/attention hog!


room looks great!!!


Hey Sid, I think you should ask for your own 5-ft. table!!! I can't wait until we can all get together & scrapdrink . . .oops.
. . .I mean scrapbook!!!




Yeah, K, my prob is I'm used to scraps.
Is that a pun?


your room is more organized than mine by far but it does give mer inspiration.

jamie slay

love the pink floor!

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