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December 21, 2010



Does she pounce on the cats? Ruby likes her too? Do the cats attack her or run away! Happy to hear she's not hyper (you have enough of that from other quarters). Glad to hear that Shady Sadie has a happy home.

Holly in SC

Congrats on the new pupster ~ she looks adorable! We had a half German Shorthair for almost 10yrs, and he waa a GREAT dog :) Hyper? Nope, our Duke was a confirmed 'porch ornament'!


Congrats Jamie!!! I have a rescue dog myself - he is 14 now but boy have we given him a great life from the one he had. I am sure Shady will bring you lots of great moments!

anne murdock

My heart just melts when I find someone has adopted a dog that no one seemed to care about. I am sure Shady will reward your kindness with plenty of slurpy kisses. I wondered how the cats would re-act to her but she can put them in their place if need be. What is Capstar?


Ummm, I don't want to be fun ruiner, but didn't you swear to NEVER get another dog? Didn't you say something like, "If I ever start talking about getting another dog, remind me I don't want one"??? I'm just sayin'!!!


Yes yes YES my sweet Teeny... I did say that, but you must know that this is DAVID'S dog... his decision. I was totally planning on hating her, but she's already won me over (dangit!)

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