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January 26, 2011


anne murdock

Shady has some pretty teeth! I know how you feel as the poses she makes are familiar to me having had Hank for a year and a half. Only difference Hank had a set of (well you know) that was the first thing you saw when you looked at him all sprawled out like that.

Kathy Davis

You made me laugh early this morning! Dogs
Are so human. I love taking pictures videos of my
pets . Enjoy your self with that precious baby.


Funny! I think this pooch realizes just how lucky she is to find a forever home...and a couch! :)



Shady called me yesterday... we've cut a deal.... she has begged me to take pictures of you & Dave when you are asleep (with your ?*(&^$#@ haning out). She feels violated and I feel obligated to help her.... BEWARE!!!

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