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January 03, 2011



Hilarious! I'm a member of the Polar Bear Club, too! I did it in high school. And yes, I am smart enough to never do it again!

Of course, mine was more hard core than yours. (sorry, but true...) It was a mere 19 degrees. We had to crack the ice off the top of the pool on just one end, so we had a place to jump.

I dove in, swam under the water most of the way...then made my way as fast as I could to the other side and got my ass out of there! It was amazing. (and freezing and stupid and invigorating and stupid) But, I'm glad I did it. ONCE.

Love you...miss you and K so much....loved the photos! The cutest polar bears I've ever seen!!!

Happy New Year!



This is hillarious ~ you should write a book you have such a way of making things come to life and I laughed so hard when I read this......Happy New Year!!


I am freezing just reading this!

anne murdock

I have racked my brain to find a reason why you all did this and as of tonight nothing has come to light. With 3 degrees below weather just the thoughts of water outside freezes me to death.I even get cold looking at your still sandaled feet. Even your toenails turned blue.:)

Janet Bennett

Okay, that caused a panty change! Don't know if you remember me - used to own Scrapbooks in Jacksonville. Have followed your blog through the years and must say - today's post was a winner! There I was, at my breakfast table in my husbands robe, hairy legs, yesterday's makeup. He came out of the bedroom to see what all the commotion was about and thought I was nuts. Don't laugh out loud much (I'm an inside kinda girl) but was rolling! One of these days I'll be in your neck of the woods and I'm coming to visit. Feel free to invite me......or not, I'm coming anyway!

Janet Bennett

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