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January 16, 2013


Marilyn C.

ROFL - Brown wake - seriously??? OH MY! To funny. Yep, Shady is a riot. would love to have seen that on video. Love deer myself. We had bambi tenderloin last night - heaven! Welcome to the world of smart phones - don't know how we did without these cool little monsters. Oh - my new word --- Exhaustipated! Which means: "Too tired to give a sh*t! :)

Happy Wednesday! Run Jamie run! I am up to a very slooowwww minute on the treadmill! Hahaha

Marilyn C.



You could have googled Snippic first!
These guys already beat you to it.. www.snippic.com
and their Facebook www.facebook.com/snippic
iOS app coming soon too..

and this guy who has snippics as an online photo album

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